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Trailers were a means of transporting horses to and from races, but now they are being given a new creative lease of life. Our trailer was originally  built in the 1970's by Rice of Leicestershire, and fully refurbished in December 2017. January 2018 after a few tweaks and finishing touches, Truly Vi's was officially opened for business at Shoeburyness Stn.

Then in August 2019, we launched our branded bags of coffee, mugs and hampers.

Lucy is the driving force behind Vi's, with her desire and commitment for providing first class  customer service.

With a passion for providing quality, Lucy completed her Barista and Latte art training. Truly Vi's is registered with the local authority and a member of   

Why Vi's , well its named after Violet Selby, a lovely grandma who you could always call upon for a "quick cuppa" and some home comfort. This was the concept to be used for the business, drop by Vi's for a coffee and a little bit of loveliness. We want to offer you a truly quality barista service on the go, at affordable prices, using only high quality specially blended coffee and products. I hope that anyone who drops by Vi's feels welcomes and satisfied.

Our coffee is a unique blend of roasted coffee beans, packaged and supplied by Arden Coffee in Chesterfield.

Our Coffee uses Medium/Dark Roast Gourmet Beans.

A complex, sophisticated blend of mainly Arabica beans from Central and South America, fully roasted to give a smooth, balanced, aromatic flavour with a little added Robusta for a rich and satisfying cup. 

Fancy our Coffee at The weekend? check out our products online or visit us at Vi's Coffee Box.


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We'd love to answer and questions, queries and event enquiries you have.

Fill in your details or call Lucy at Vi's Coffee Box on 07989 975124.


Shoeburyness Stn, High Street, Shoeburyness SS3 9AW

Monday - Friday: 6am to1pm


22 Old School Court, Shoeburyness SS3 9DU

Company No. 12232364


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